Alexia Lazcano, Web & Publishing Intern at Light Wings Promotions


Web and Publishing Intern

“Despite everything, it’s still you.”

– Undertale

Though her path has not been typical for an undergrad student, Alexia Lazcano still dedicates herself to any tasks she sets herself to. Currently she is majoring in digital communication and minoring in cyber security and digital forensics at the University of Texas at San Antonio, set to graduate at the end of Fall 2021. She has coursework experience in computer science, history, and graphic design as well, switching her major a couple of times to find the right fit.

Thriving on digital platforms, Alexia has used this time during the pandemic to explore her different passions. As president of the esports club at UTSA, she has been able to learn more about the collegiate esports scene from conferences and online mentorship groups. Whether it is organizational management or just making graphics for social media posts for her team, she feels a sense of pride from her esports organization. 

Much like her undergrad experience, Alexia’s hobbies are also spread out. She loves to play video games, read about history, go to museums, play volleyball, watch anime, Star Wars, and Star Trek, and going out to gain a sense of adventure with her boyfriend. In particular, her favorite video games are Undertale, the Uncharted series, The Legend of Zelda series, and Overwatch.

She hopes that her experiences, interests, and skills will help guide her to the best fitting career. As long as she is working with adapting technology and communication, she feels that she is in her element.