Caelan Bernal, Director of Publish at Light Wings Promotions


Publishing Director

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.”

– Robert L. Peters, Graphic Designer

Caelan – A curious mind with creative solutions. More interested in the process of things than the outcomes, he believes that through planning and fine tuning a strategy, everything else will follow. Through this way of thinking follows his work process. How can things be more efficient, streamlined, synergized? This is what he brings to the team and any clients.

Being trained in UX Design at the UX Academy at Design Lab, Caelan is obsessed with the user’s experience with anything he designs. He firmly believes that every design should be natural and easy to use. His favorite book on the subject is “Don’t Make Me Think”.  A beautiful easy-to-use site will keep customers on it and coming back.

Caelan graduated with a Mass Communications degree from the University of Texas State. With his curiosity unsatisfied, he spent the next phase of his life travelling around the world. From teaching English to children in South Korea, taking salsa classes in Guatemala, to feeding injured elephants in Thailand, Caelan has seen many things and has many stories to tell. Once you get him started, it is near impossible to get him to stop. But the genuine gift he got was to meet people from all walks of life and to see himself and his home from a unique perspective.

Outside of work Caelan has another passion: Films! Yet another topic he won’t stop talking about. When he is not working, we can find him at the theater or much more likely around his TV. A dream of his is to one day be able to contribute to the artform. He also enjoys TV, books and video games. Basically, anything with a story. Tell him about your favorite movie or book!

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