Crystal Truong, Publishing Intern at Light Wings Promotions


Promotions Intern

“Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films.”

– Bong Joon-Ho

As a third-year undergrad student, Crystal Truong is still trying to figure out what her life will look like after graduation. Currently, she is studying marketing with a minor in Korean at the University of Texas, set to graduate sometime in 2022. She has experience in social media marketing, digital analytics, graphic design, and a little bit of IT knowledge.

Crystal’s extracurricular activities outside class and work revolve around volunteering. She is a committee chair member of Circle K International, a community service organization. As a member of the club, she has learned how to plan and coordinate events, as well as collaborate within a diverse team. She is very proud of what she has accomplished so far in CKI.

In her free time, Crystal will usually spend it playing video games, watching YouTube videos or Netflix, and listening to music. Her favorite video games are the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, and Rune Factory series. Her music taste can be summed up with the phrase “anything but country.”

Crystal is an open-minded, curious individual who hopes to learn as much as possible through her various academic and work experiences.