Quinn Herber, Multimedia Specialist at LWP


Multimedia Specialist

” Creativity is intelligence having fun”

– Albert Einstein

Quinn’s career began in junior college where he worked for one of New England’s best day spa as Marketing Manager. As manager he worked hard to drive awareness to the business, learning much in the process. He continued working there while pursuing his education until he moved to Texas for additional schooling.

When he transferred to the University of Texas at San Antonio he was offered an intern position in television broadcasting for the sports show Sports2Nite. During his tenure, he went from intern to Technical Director and handled many of the tasks required to put together a quality show. These tasks included editing, filming content, and publishing content on social media platforms. When he was not working at the show, he would freelance as a video production assistant and worked many local events. He is currently a member of the New Apprenticeship program to gain more skills and become a better rounded individual in the digital marketing field.

He enjoys learning new things and always pushing himself to gain more skills. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, working on projects, and playing video games.