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15 of the Best Contractor Website Designs in 2021

Looking to upgrade your contracting or construction business in 2021? Having a website is now a necessity. Most web users are more fluent in website language then ever before, so a quality website is a must. There is a lot of variation with it comes to contractor website designs.

Here are 20 great contractor website designs. These were used as inspiration when Light Wings Promotions created the K1D and Under Budget Constructions websites.  We will look through the site and discuss what works and how you can implement the same qualities into a site of your own.

This site looks sophisticated and has a strong sense of branding. The layout is very good, showing you who they are, giving information about the company, showing off the work and describing their process all on the home page. If you wanted to emulate a more upscale contractor website, this would be a good one.

This site is what I imagine when I think of the prototypical contractor website. The images and teh simplicty of the site give off a working class and affordable vibe. Still the website is very well designed and looks great. The simple blue and white does wonders. Also they have their CTA in the form pretty high up the page. This is something to think about if you want more potential clients to enter your sales funnel.

New York Kitchen & Bath’s website has more of a ritzy feel, and I am sure that is the exact type of clientele they are trying to attract. Their grey and white color schemes and sleek fonts really enforce this high-class look. Fonts are often overlooked but can play a huge role in how your website is received. This is a great example.

Color can be important when it comes to contractor website designs, and BAMA Contracting is a great example of that. Blue and orange are complementary (across from each other on the color wheel), and are excellent at making each other pop. When picking colors for your websites don’t disregard the color wheel!

I love this site! It is filled to the brim with branding. From the colors, copy and images it has a cohesive style. Before clicking the other pages I can imagine what they would look like in my head. That is what branding is. Make sure you have a clear image of what your brand is before making your site.

The large hero image on this website is beautiful. The copy over it calls to your emotions and the button acts as a CTA. A great intro to a website. Hero images can be a great tool and should certainly be considered when designing a website. The rest of the site makes excellent use of whitespace and shapes. This is one if our favorite contractor website designs.

Minimalist and modern, this style of website is very much in vogue right now. Using as much of black and white as possible, this simple, clean design really stand out. There are some, like me, who love this aesthetic, and if this is what I was looking for in my home I would hire these people on the spot. When “building” a website, you can make it mirror the style in which your company “builds”.

If contractor websites were movies this would be the foreign indie film. The whole thing is in black and white. It has an unorthodox lay out. There are no large buttons, or CTA’s. Now I don’t think you should try to copy this site, but it certainly is interesting to see a company make their site like this.

B and H Builders have a really great website. It is easy to read, has an excellent hero image and an immediate CTA. Another thing that is interesting is that they only have two pages. A homepage and a contact page. For a smaller business that may be all they need.

This website looks so clean. With lot of white space, and the brand color used perfectly. Sometimes less is more and this is a great example of it. 

This site utilizes color and its hero image to convey a more friendly, open vibe.  The layout is great and the use of whitespace is great. If I could change anything is to make the body font larger, it’s a little hard to read. Thinking about your users experience is vital when designing a website. 

This homepage has a lot of content on it, and directs you down to read it all. If The color schemes looks original and stand out. With a modern look, this is a great site to model after.

This site features a large, crisp hero video. It looks great and makes the website stand out. Not only that but it is an aerial shot of one of their construction projects so it doubles as a portfolio piece. If you are thinking of doing something similar, know that you will be in a battle with page speed loading.

Anther one with a great video at the beginning. This time its a compilation showing off their incredible work. They also emphasis their award winning work and 30 years iif experience. Also their portfolio images is placed in an interesting way. A great website. The only critique I would have is that the copy on the testimonial is a a bit to hard to read. Reducing the transparency of the background would fic that problem.

This is a very professional looking website. All of it’s elements come together in a cohesive manner. There could be more content on the homepage but it still looks great.

These are a few of our favorite contractor website designs. I think any worthy web developer or UX designer would say that you should take the best elements of your competitors and add it to your own. Hope you find some inspiration within these pages.

We offer web development and brand management at Light Wings Promotions. You can always take your business to the next level! Contact us and let’s work together.

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