5 Effective Email Marketing Strategies for 2021

Want to know how to improve your email marketing strategies for 2021? Want to implement new strategies but don’t know where to start? We’ll provide you with 5 effective email marketing strategies that you should take on in 2021.

1. Hyper-Personalization

Does anyone really trust an email that does not specify the recipient? It could be a phishing email or pure spam, or maybe it’s poor marketing. Personalization, such as including a customer’s name, makes it feel more personal and not just a ploy to fill up someone’s inbox. Use the customer’s name in the body of the email and use it in the subject headline. Use of their name in this way could mean they believe this message is catered specifically to them. Only they are getting this offer.

According to Statista, open rates for personalized emails with personalization is on average 18.8% versus the 13.1% without. Campaign Monitor reports that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

2. Mobile-Friendly Emails

Email marketing needs to start making their emails more mobile friendly.
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Poorly optimized emails for browser or applications do not bear issue sizing like mobile devices. When it comes to emails with nice interactive design and effects, some of these may only look right on desktop. On mobile, they could be covering the body text of the email or be broken in certain spots due to the lack of mobile optimization.

Many people today have smartphones, which is a much quicker way to check on personal and even work emails. According to 99firms, there are currently about 3.9 billion unique Internet users worldwide. And not only that but in the United States in 2019, email had a 90.9% market penetration rate.

3. Marketing Segmentation

Segmentation of your clients or customer base will increase interaction with your emails because it’s about what those people specifically want. Similar to personalization, this strategy targets your different email subscribers.

Campaign Monitor claims that there are 5 top ways to segment your subscribers:

  1. Geographically: Consider location and physical events.
  2. B2B and Specialization: Don’t make your messages look like a copy and paste.
  3. Content-Specific: What content does your customer specifically look at? What do they use? What have they purchased?
  4. Behavior-Specific: How often do they purchase? What pages do they frequently visit? 

eMarketer shared the Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report, which shows that in June of 2010 that there was a 39% increase in open rates, 28% lower unsubscription rates, and 24% increased sales leads.

Email marketing can use segmentation to their benefit.
Photo from eMarketer.

4. Mindfulness of Cluttered Inboxes

Email marketing might be the bane of some customers if their inboxes are cluttered.
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Your emails may not be the reason someone’s email inbox is cluttered, but it is likely a problem they are experiencing. It is easier to ignore a mess or overlook things hidden in a cluttered space. You don’t want your brand to be associated with the cause of the mess.

A way to prevent email flooding would be utilizing a drip campaign. A drip campaign can be started by implementing triggers. These events can be as simple as having a new email list subscriber, a lead, or a new account on your website. For a drip campaign to send out an email based on the triggers, you need to have conditions set. These conditions can be sending an email after an hour a customer has abandoned their cart or as soon as their account has been created. Anything that may be particularly useful to both you and the subscriber will be both beneficial and personal. Then this of course is followed by the action of the email getting sent.

Drip marketing, according to Pinpointe, has open rates 80% higher than single send emails and three times the average click-through rates.

5. Interactive Emails

Email marketing can greatly benefit from their customers being engaged with interactive emails.
Photo by Taco Bell from Really Good Emails.

Interaction in emails makes a customer more likely to engage with your content. It isn’t just boring plain text and having some interesting animations, effects, or buttons to click on makes them more likely to visit your website or a particular product. Your call to action can be a button below a carousel showing off different features telling the customer to check it out.

Sairaj Mahesh shares that interactive content is significantly better than static, achieving a 50% click rate, a 55% conversion rate, a 80% completion rate, and a 13% share rate.

Start shifting your email marketing strategy now

Using data to shift your email marketing strategy
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If some of these strategies sound new to you or you have shied away from using these, we recommend that you look into these. New strategies may be what you need to boost your open rates, your clicks, your conversions, and so on. 

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