5 More Tips for Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency

If you haven’t already, check out our great video on tips for growing your digital marketing agency. You can find it here.

In the video we discussed 5 tips to grow you digital marketing agency:

5 Tips for Growing Your Digital Marketing Agency


1. Specialize in one subject


2. Dedicate marketing time for yourself.


3. Offer something new.


4. Partner with others.


5. Downscale or upscale.

Here a few more tips to help you get the ball rolling.

1. Attend Networking Events

Professionals networking at an event
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Maybe this isn’t super actionable at the time you are reading this, but eventually going to digital marketing events will have many benefits to not only your digital marketing agency, but you as a professional. At these events you will get to meet people who are as passionate as you, and also who share the same values. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn and stay on top of trends and tactics of the marketing world. Post lecture or seminar, mingle with other professionals. You may feel like an imposter, but just being there alone will gain you and your agency legitimacy. My advice would be to look closely at the agenda of any event and make sure it applies to you. There is nothing worse than having to sit through a lecture that you have zero interest in.

2. Give Back to Your Community

Giving back is good for business, straight up. Donating time and resources to a nonprofit or volunteer work is outstanding for the soul, but it also has other benefits. It is a simple way of promoting your business, while showcasing your ability in the community. If you work on a campaign, say for a food bank, and a homeless shelter, provide free marketing services that will be remembered. It is a great way to network, any volunteer there works for a business, and can only think of you in the positive light. So doing charity work feels good, does good, and is good for you and your agency.

3. Develop Case Studies from Your Successful Clients For Your Marketing Agency

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You have finished a campaign for a client, and they are very pleased with the numbers. Everyone is patting each other on the back, and you guys are going to get drinks and celebrate. Finished with this campaign, you are ready to move on to the next one. Wrong. Take the time, as soon as a successful campaign has ended, and document everything you can. You want to build a case study, a step-by-step process outlining the problem and goals your client had, and the process you went through to have the successful campaign. These are one of the most powerful resources you can have on your website, and an excellent case study will generate leads. Writing case studies is an art form of itself, start now, and by the time you have large campaigns for large companies, the case studies will just keep them rolling in.

4. Have a Great Work Environment

Two business associates, sharing a laugh and touching elbows
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This is one of the more difficult ones on the list, if you already don’t have it. The culture of a workplace establishes itself quickly. The culture can be felt in every aspect of the business, permeating through the employees, into the work and by the clients. If you have a positive, hungry work environment, that will be felt by any newcomers, and anyone who comes in contact with your business. If you have employees who dread coming into work, who will do anything to kill the clock, and just going through the motions, that also will be felt. This comes from the top down, if management can treat others with respect, keep a light tone, and try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to employees, those same employees will naturally mirror that behaviour. And happier employees mean more dedicated work and being able to hold on to talented individuals. 

5. Build and Refine Your Agency's Operating System

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Think of the way you do business, like a way a factory operates with its assembly line. Everyone is doing their job, and it is efficient. You want to treat your own system of operation like an assembly line. You need to be able to identify every step of your business form lead generation to customer onboarding to delivering the final product. Once you have identified every step your agency goes through to start and finish a job, then you need to refine. Where along the process can be improved. Some of the greatest companies in the world are so successful because they are experts in refining their system. Look at Toyota, the owe a lot of their success to their Production System which had to be refined over time. This can go hand in hand while you build your case studies, find where in the system things get lost, or take time and optimize. Remember, it does not satisfy the elite companies to settle with their own efficiency. They scour and prod and poke, messing with the system, continually optimizing.

We here at LWP are doing these same tips every day. From doing pro bono work for non-profits to analyzing our efficiency, we are putting in the work. Growth doesn’t come overnight. It needs a little water, some sun, and definitely needs some time.

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