5 strategies to build online brand awareness in 2021

If you have ever laughed at the antics of Elon Musk or the shocking sick burns by Wendy’s on twitter, you have become aware of their online brand. With more and more social aspects being done online, there are lots of ways to grow your online brand. Here are a few tips to keep up in 2021.


Using social media is a good way to build an online brand.

Blogging and social media can be an excellent way to create content to build an online brand and your authority in the marketplace.

When you write a blog, the most important person to see it isn’t a person at all – it’s Google. Google loves to see fresh new content, which will reflect on your positioning in its search engine rankings. There are plenty of resources that show you exactly what Google is looking for, we can optimize every blog post. So even if no one shares or likes your blog post, it will have been well worth it because Google has seen it. Hi Google!

We all know the power social media has in today’s times. A well-written tweet or a video on Facebook can drive a lot of clicks. But how do you get seen at first?

Make yourself as easy to find as possible

Do you send out a newsletter every week? Make sure there are links to your social media.

Have you been killing it with high-quality blog posts? Make sure you have links to your social media AND share your blogs on social media.

Is your username consistent across all platforms? If someone sees your tweet, they should be able to find you on Instagram with the same name.


Just setting up a twitter and just tweeting at random intervals will do nothing to help your online brand. What people want to see, and what they will remember is if they are engaged with on the web.

The bare minimum is to respond to anyone who mentions you. Whether it be a review, or making your customer feel heard, it all makes your brand look like it is listening, which makes it feel alive. 

To dig deeper requires a bit of abstract thinking. You should want to take part in online discussion, both in your field but also out of it as well. Taking part in your field makes you look more like an expert. While discussing other topics  and engaging in other types of conversations will color your brand with personality. This is easier said than done because there are many fine lines, so err on the side of caution. 


Follow your competitors closely!

Just aimlessly shouting into the void that is the internet will get you nowhere, you might even look a little crazy. But knowing how you fit in the marketplace, and what is currently being said on these online places can prove invaluable.

Keep a tab on your competitors

What are they saying?

What type of content are they producing?

Of that content, what is popular and what is not? 

Where are areas they are weak in?

Consistently asking yourself these questions and observing what is happening around you will give you context of what your brand needs to be doing. Knowing the content that is being made prevents you from wasting your time making similar possible inferior content. Knowing what aspects they choose to ignore can allow you to focus and possibly take the market share in that category.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer – on social media!


Steve Jobs, one of the best thief's.

“Good artists borrow, great artists steal.”

This was a favorite quote of Steve Jobs and for good reason. There will always be limitations of your brand or business. Whether it is not having enough resources for a dedicated research department, or you are at a loss as to even where to start in branding. If you are facing any limitations, I say STEAL!

You can find out how Lyft became a competitor to Uber seemingly overnight. All the information is online. If you want to launch an email campaign for your brand, well find out who did it best and steal it.

Here are 31 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns You Can Swipe

Also very interesting here are the Best Online Marketing Examples to Spark Attention & Fuel Brand Growth

Find out which of these would be most applicable to your online brand and make it your own. In other words, steal it!

Note: the difference between borrowing and stealing. Borrowing is copying something, not understanding the why, and making a weak imitation. When you steal something you possess it. You take the time to internalize why the thing worked, and you change it for your own specific needs. It should be able to stand on its own as a unique thing, and not just be seen as a weak imitator.


Working hard and being consistent.

When you are writing content and building a brand through social media, blog posts and videos there are a lot of platforms to use, and I Am sure there will be several members of your team working on this. To come across with a clear voice among all channels will only solidify your brand. Therefore, consistency is key.

Building a brand is always long term.

Every effort, everything posted, each tweet is a part of a long-term goal and a long-term plan. And a plan has to be planned. All the content you create or tweets you tweet, are viewed as pieces of a larger puzzle. Knowing the image of the puzzle you are trying to make will make you know what pieces to use and where.

So making a content style guide, having a content management system and plans in place will make a long-term impact on your branding.


Decisions based on data, will always be better than decisions based on feelings.

You can read different articles about branding until you are blue in the face. You can try to implement all the strategies you ever hear about. But what will matter is what is working. Using data and looking at the numbers, you will see what works specifically for your brand. 

Focus on what’s working

Focusing on the one or two things that are really showing you results can make a vast difference, especially at the beginning of your brand building journey. Unless you are a large company, your time and money will be better invested in a few options that have worked for you before.

Follow the numbers

In today’s time everything can be tracked, measured and given a numerical value. Use the power of data to show you where exactly you should invest your time to build your brand. Even the most creative and intuitive business owners should follow numbers. Even more so they should use the numbers as a goal to reach and to be think of the KPI’s they should be surpassed.

In conclusion you should be creating content, following you competitors, steal, be consistent and lean into what is working.

When branding with content you can always improve your SEO. Click here to see 7 of the best SEO strategy resources to keep up in 2021.

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