6 Brand Design Trends For 2021

A company’s design must always reflect the core values and mission at the heart of the brand. By using specific shapes, colors, or words, a brand can establish its identity and make a lasting impression on consumers. This is why staying on top of the latest design trends is a critical process in branding strategy.

With that in mind, let’s look at 6 creative design trends that your brand should implement in 2021. 

1. Use muted colors

Although bold and vibrant colors dominated the market a couple years ago, most brand designs now favor more subtle, muted colors. These are colors with lower saturation and softer shades, as opposed to vivid ones. Muted colors are nostalgic and warm, making you feel safe. They also make your brand more organic and comforting–exactly what your clients want after last year. 

A minimalstic landing page
Photo by We Ain't Plastic

2. More is less

There’s been a rise in minimalistic content over the years and this design trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Minimalism is seen not only in logos and banners, but even in webpages, newsletters, and social media posts. 

One of the most important elements in minimalist design is effective use of white space. White space helps important parts of your design stand out while grouping similar visual elements together. Overall, it helps your design look clean and sophisticated.

A man visualizing data for design trends.
Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

3. Visualize your data

Statistics and numbers may be interesting to you and your business, but how do you deliver that information to your target audience? One way is to use data visualizations. Unlike traditional charts and graphs, data visualization is a creative way to communicate complex data into simpler, bite-sized pieces. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s no different here. 

A serif font family
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

4. Simple serif fonts

Although many modern designs now use sans serif fonts to evoke an informal, casual, and friendly tone, serif fonts are making a comeback in 2021. These fonts, often called classic fonts, establish elegance and confidence. It can also be used to showcase your brand as trustworthy, which is definitely relevant in today’s time.

However, use serif fonts sparingly so you don’t overwhelm your customers. Avoid long paragraphs and save it for large headers and titles.

5. Use social media slide decks

Social media has become an integral part of the branding strategy, so it’s important to create design catered for your social platforms. A design trend that’s been popular lately are slide decks, which is a great way to communicate long messages in one post. It’s also effective for boosting brand awareness. Slide decks are most often used on Instagram or LinkedIn, but it’s compatible with other sites like Twitter or Facebook.

6. Incorporate Authenticity

Customers won’t be fooled with marketing ploys or attention-grabbing posts. They want to see the humanity and authenticity of the brands they buy or promote, especially in light of the past year. 

There are many ways to incorporate authenticity into your brand design, and one of them is posting user-generated content (UGC). Such content builds trust between you and your customers while also promoting brand engagement. Who doesn’t want that? 

Another strategy is to partner with a social cause or organization you care about. Then, make videos that show your passion and why you believe the cause is important. Customers are more likely to choose a brand that is kind and genuine.

People-focused design trends

Remember, brands can be human too. Behind the websites, blog posts, and emails are all real people trying to make peoples’ lives better in some way. Your design trends must align with your brand storytelling, but always remember to showcase the real you. 

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