Cross Promotion: What it is, Examples, and How to do it

What is Cross Promotion?

Cross promotion is where customers of one product or service are targeted with promotion of a related product. To put it simply, it is when two brands will team up to sell you a product, or a brand will use one product to sell you another of their products. It is very common; we have seen it all of our lives and you can use it to enhance your brand.

Here are two examples:

  • Opera using her television show to promote her book club, website, network, etc
  • You will never see an advertisement for a McDonalds burger without a glass of Coca Cola sitting right next to it.
McDonalds and Coke. An example of perfect partners for cross promotion

As you can tell these are no-brainers. If you have the number one show on TV, use it to sell more of your products. If everyone of your meals includes soda, why not involve one of the largest businesses in the world in your advertisement?

Benefits of Cross Promotion

  • Cost of promotion is less
  • Win-Win Situation for everyone involved
  • Can be easy and among one of the most successful marketing strategies
  • Get new leads from new channels
  • Improved legitimacy and reputation

Examples of Cross Promotion in Digital Marketing

Influencers are great way to find a cross promotion partnership.
Photo by Steve Gale on Unsplash


This is a newer way to market and an easily successful way. If you can find an influencer or content creator in your niche, reach out to them, see if you can create a partnership. Have them promote your brand, reaching their viewership, and promote them as well, giving them legitimacy.

Social Media

See if you can get another brand to partner with and mention you in one of their tweets? For instance, you both will match up to $1,000 dollars to a local charity. They tweet your name out with the act of charity, you both get exposure, and you do good. Another example of everyone winning. You can also cross promote within your own brand. If you are killing it on Instagram, but aren’t attracting enough twitter followers, make sure you link to your twitter, and even add of screenshot of your tweet.

Guest Blogging

If you have ever learned about digital marketing and SEO then you know the benefits of guest blogging. Cross promotion is just another benefit. Reaching out and working with other established bloggers is win/win for both parties.

Joint Newsletter

You want to find another brand to cowrite an email, and both brands send it out to their respective customer list. Look for someone who doesn’t directly compete with you, but is in a lateral field. EX: You own a fishing shop, where you sell rods, tackle, etc. You can partner with a boat rental company each give tips on how to enjoy a nice day of fishing on the lake. Obviously you would start the day visiting the shop, then renting the boat. You both look good, your name rings out to more people.

How to Start Cross Promoting

Okay so you’ve seen the benefits, you’ve seen examples, and you want in on this. But where do you get started? We got you covered.

1. Do Reseach

Conduct a Gap Analysis. Where is your business lacking?

Set Goals. What are you aiming for? How do you know your efforts are working?

Do a Competitor Analysis. What are your competitors doing? Where are your efforts lagging? Who are brands in your realm of influence but are not direct competitors?

Know who your target audience is. Do you already have personas? How do you reach the people you need to reach?

Finding that perfect partnership feels great.
Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash

2. Find Your Perfect Partner

Now you have the info lock and loaded time to put it to use. Reach out the perfect partner with a plan. Let them know exactly your reasoning you should work together, how it benefits yourself and how it benefits themselves. I am sure they will have comments and input on the plan, ensure they are heard. This should be a long-term partnership.

When you reach out to different brands some may not respond, some may be sceptical, and some may not think it’s a good idea. This is perfect. This weeds out poor partners. You want to partner with a brand that would immediately see the benefits of working together, get excited about the project, and look forward to working together in the future. It may take some effort to find this, but do your due diligence, and it will all come together.

Working hard and producing top tier content can't be understated
Photo by Dan Counsell on Unsplash

3. Produce Quality Content

You know the saying, content is king. It’s no different when it comes to cross promotion. Whether it’s a blog post, joint email, or even a tweet. It needs to be something people will want to look out, people can learn from, use, or enjoy. 

The name of the game is win/win/win. What is a win for you, what is a win for your partner, but also what is a win for your target audience? It’s easy to think of how this will benefit you, but if you can be focused on how to make enjoyable things for your audience, it will be noticed, felt and you will reap the rewards.

Cross Promotion Will Help Your Brand

This can be a powerful tool that can be added to your digital marketing toolkit. Do not skimp on the research section of this. If you come to a brand with a half cooked plan full of holes, then you will appear unprofessional and may hurt your reputation in the long run.

That being said every brand should look for ways to cross promote. The benefits and the amount of work compared to what you get back is just too good to pass up.

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