Effective Conversion and Sales Enablement

Marketing teams are driven to increase traffic in order to generate leads. With this conversion, your team also needs to have the tools and support necessary for successful leads and deals. Sales enablement provides resources for your team in order to assure that they will close more deals. Effectively providing these resources will boost your conversion and allow for more leads to walk through your process.

Use effective conversion and sales enablement
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Conversion and Sales Enablement

A sales enablement strategy is meant to target both your specific team’s needs and your audience. Having these tools and resources under your team’s belt will close more deals and provide growth for more opportunities. Your strategy should include reporting, analysis, sales content optimization, technology and automation, and sales enablement software. Of course, your staff and time spent with leads and sales should all be accounted for. 

Conversion plays heavily into your sales enablement. If you can optimize the number of visitors into leads, you will have a great conversion rate. A conversion rate is how effective your team is converting leads into customers. Generating leads internally is one of the most important tools at your disposal, since you only need your site to draw in these leads. However, there are other ways to attract visitors and get people to set up an appointment or make a purchase. 

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Sales Reporting

Knowing how your firm or company is doing is very important for its growth and success. You cannot generate leads without a reliable team, and you need your team to properly report sales. Ensure that you have a standardized method of reporting, this can clearly define trends, your sales volume, and can help you identify leads and deals handled correctly.

Sales reporting also gives you the ability to predict outcomes and how much may be at stake in your sales enablement strategy. And not only that, if your sales reporting is very active, you can see changes that you may need to prepare for or investigate. 


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Sales Audit

A sales audit can improve your sales when correctly recorded and assessed. This audit is an analysis of your firm or company’s sales process as a whole. It includes reviewing tools, strategy, staff, software, deals, leads, and any potential gains or expenses. Pretty much everything that will go into making a sale.

The purpose of this audit is to look at the areas that need improvement so you can maximize your sales. You may even see what needs to improve in your reporting so you can have accurate findings. These audits can also improve workflow within your organization. Lack of communication between the marketing and sales teams? Make sure you develop a plan to improve it. Make a note in your audit.

Effective conversion involves sales reporting
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Lead Hand-Off

In order for the process of lead hand-off to go smoothly, you must first define a “qualified lead.” If both marketing and sales teams agree on the definition of a qualified lead at each stage in the process, this will allow for smooth transition. After defining this, you will need to create a service level agreement that defines the marketing team’s commitment to obtaining qualified leads and how often the sales team will respond to the qualified leads. 

Once the handoff occurs between the marketing and sales teams, make sure that there are ongoing follow-ups and communication occurring between the teams to ensure that the leads are spoken to and all criteria that you have established have been met. 

Let Us Help You

Here at Light Wings Promotions, we want to help you increase your sales. Our Conversion and Sales Enablement services will help you with your sales enablement strategy, setting up your sales report, conduct sales audit and analysis, and make lead hand-off a simple experience. 

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