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Use LinkedIn In Your Digital Marketing Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide

LinkedIn for Digital Marketing is it in 2021. It seems everyone has been having success with LinkedIn. Whether it is to market your business or finding a job, LinkedIn has plenty of success stories. 

If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn in 2021, you should be. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the internet. As digital marketing professionals, LinkedIn is just another tool we should all be adding to our toolbox.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to use LinkedIn in your Digital Marketing strategy.

All social medias should be involved in your digital marketing strategy. But what sets LinkedIn apart from the others is the sole intent of the platform. Everyone there is already there for business. You may go onto Twitter to discuss your favorite Kpop group, and you may get onto facebook to wish your grandma a happy birthday. But when you sign up and get onto LinkedIn, you know its platform for professionals to network with other professionals. So being in that mind set allows you to network. And what is networking then entering someone’s sales funnel?

If you still don’t believe, go to any sort of freelancing subreddit and see the commenter who gets a majority of their business from LinkedIn. It’s actually what inspired me to write this post.

Let’s talk step by step to how you should using LinkedIn to promote yourself.

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Step 1: Create a profile

Very obvious. 

You will need a profile. If you are a freelancer, it can be a personal one or you can set up a business LinkedIn profile. Make it optimal. Make it good. This will be your face to many people.

Get a great profile photo. Don’t have a recent photo of you where you look good in? Take one! Dress up and ask someone with a nice camera to take your photo. Pay if you have to. A great photo will be one of your best assets. Your face should take up most of the entire profile picture, and most importantly you should be smiling.

Add a background photo. It’s the second visual thing on your profile and one that is a little more difficult to pull off. It should be your workspace, or the people you try to work with. It can be an emotion you are trying to convey. If you are a yoga instructor, a serene photo of a river can make you think of calmness. Here’s a great article if you need more ideas. The photo needs to be wide and narrow. 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels are the preferred dimensions. It should give an insight into who you are and make you stand out.

Your “About” should be a story. As a digital marketing professional, you know how important a story can be. It’s human nature, it’s encoded in us. We like a good story. Your LinkedIn account should feature a good story. 

Optimize. Make sure you have all of your job skills on your profile. If you have had success that is backed up by data, show your data. Your profile should be living and breathing, and always evolving, like you are as a marketer.

People networking and using LinkedIn for digital marketing
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Step 2: Build a network

Having a large network does two things. The first one is that you have a large network to talk to, promote and be promoted by. The way the site was intended to be used. But the other point of a large network is validation. When connecting with someone new, or promoting someone or making a LinkedIn account for a client, they will look like th real deal if you have a lot of connections. If a lot of people can stomach being connected with you, then so can they. It’s social proof. Social proof is always good. Start building your connections.

Join LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn has groups that are made for people with similar interests. Most of these are moderated groups, where you have to request to join. If there is a group in your niche, join and try to be a real member. Like people’s posts, comment on their comments and be a part of the community.

Personalize connection requests. Don’t ever just click the request button. Your acceptance rate will be lower and you will immediately be forgotten. Write a brief message stating why you are connecting. If it’s someone you know, easy. If it is someone you don’t know, write how you came onto your profile, what similar interests you have or why you want to connect. Saw someone write a post from your LinkedIn Group and want to connect? Literally say, “Hey, I lovedd your post in the group. We should connect!”. It’s that simple and makes a world of difference. Using LinkedIn for digital marketing is not complicated!

Post often and use images. Like all other social media platforms, you need engagement. You should post a lot, make the content engaging, and have a captivating image. If you could personalize the image to your post and create it yourself, you will have a lot of success.

Cross promotion. We have written about the power of cross promotion before, you can read it here. This is another way you can cross promote between all of your platforms. Hopefully, you are already in the mindset of cross promoting ALL of your content and this is just another way to add to your list. A great blog post should be converted into a LinkedIn post, an Instagram infographic, a facebook post and simplified into a tweet.  

Step 3: Start marketing

If you have followed along up to this point congratulations, you are already using LinkedIn for digital marketing. Just doing the above will already start bringing you results. Whether this is for you or a client, you will connect and get eyes onto your site or content. To truly use LinkedIn to its limit, your work is far from over. Here are more tips to market on LinkedIn.

All content should be actionable. All your content should have a purpose. There should be a call to action for something that you want them to do. It doesn’t have to be as blatant as purchasing your services, it could be just to go to your website, or even something like commenting on the post. You will need to be a little subtle and do it with finesse. You should try to fix their problem, and the users should be happy to take action for you.

Get your professional circle involved. Having your co-workers, partners or employees involved on your LinkedIn outreach will make your company even better. LinkedIn allows people to see who works at a company and involves them on a business automatically. If you can foster a positive working environment on LinkedIn where everyone is involved and having fun on the platform, the perception will be positive.

Use data. As with all marketing efforts, ensure you are on the right path using data. LinkedIn has analytics built into the platform. What posts are being ignored, what are being commented on? Do they fall into a specific category? Can you pivot your entire strategy and to this and re-examine after some time? Having data is having answers. We should use it in everything we do.

LinkedIn is a platform that when used effectively, truly engaged with and putting in your time can really benefit your marketing efforts. Using LinkedIn for digital marketing will raise your game to the next level. Doing these steps can start you off as a LinkedIn amateur to a pro. Start engaging today!

Light Wings Promotions believes you should add as many tools to your digital marketing toolkit as possible. That is part of what makes us pros at promotions. Follow this blog for more tips and guides.

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