LWP Participates in NEW Apprenticeship & WSA Skills Development Program

Light Wings Promotions (LWP) is proud to team with the NEW Apprenticeship and Workforce Solutions Alamo (WSA) and offer apprenticeships to talented, up-and-coming individuals who are interested in pursuing careers in new media & digital marketing. The NEW Apprenticeship Program partners with San Antonio employers to transform lives by bridging the gap between what college & universities teach and what only true work experience can bring.

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Today we will talk to two new team members who are doing an apprenticeship with Light Wings Promotions. Leslye Garcia, our Digital Media & Account Manager, and Quinn Herber, our Multimedia Specialist. Let’s hear what they have to say.

Leslye Garcia, Digital Media and Account Manager at LWP.
Leslye Garcia
Quinn Herber, Multimedia Specialist at LWP
Quinn Herber

What do you like about your field?

Leslye: For me It is more about trying to find out who they are, really help them with their brand, and uplift their company. We get to offer something of value. Something that a lot of these businesses need. I’ve gone door-to-door and business-to-business, and it’s just not enjoyable.

Quinn: The creativity. I just love the whole aspect of creating and the process. Every project feels different. And the more I get to work, the more I learn. I have learned a lot, and that’s awesome.

How did you learn about the program?

Leslye: I think it was last november that I realized I would be starting my senior year of school and I needed to do something. I looked online, did some interviews, but a lot of them were to sell stuff, things that I was not interested in. Then I applied on the Workforce Solutions site, and got into touch with Matt. He told me he had a good fit with me and got me here at Light Wings Promotions.

Quinn: Before the pandemic I was working as a freelance videographer, doing a lot of work in sports. Of course when the pandemic hit, all sporting events had to stop so I was out of work. I started applying online, places like Indeed, and I eventually got in touch with Matt who got me in touch with Mark.

What do you hope to get out of the apprenticeship?

Leslye: I am a little newer to this field and really want to learn everything I can. I want to put in the work and gain expertise. I also hope to understand all the marketing terminology. I thought I knew them all but have been hit with a few abbreviations that made me scratch my head.

Quinn: I want to gain skills, work with a team, and become an important part of that team. Having others look at my stuff. Get advice and input. Like I said earlier, each time I do another project I learn something new.

How has your experience been so far with the apprenticeship program?

Leslye: I really like it. We have meetings and individual campaigns. They teach us how to do presentations. There are members with a lot of experience and others, like me, who are at the beginning of their careers.

Quinn: I like the path set out for me. There is a very focused path I can follow. It honestly is like going to college again.

What are your goals for your career?

Leslye: I am looking for great opportunities. My dream goal is to work in a corporate setting and work for a large company as a marketing executive. Somewhere like Apple.

Quinn: I Worked as a freelancer for a while. My main goal is to find a stable position, one I can grow into. I didn’t enjoy working for a week and never seeing those people again and having to start over. I want a job where I can be a part of a team and there is potential to grow.

If money was no object, what would you do with your time?

Leslye: I would love to travel. I try to take one trip a year, and go to different places. It’s been difficult for obvious reasons, but i cannot wait to travel again.

Quinn: Travel the world, and spending my time working out at a nonprofit, find a service that could help a lot of people.

I think we can all sympathize with Leslye and Quinn, we all want to travel! We are happy to have Leslye and Quinn a part of the Light Wings Promotions team. Having new energy and new ideas is always great for business.

In times like these it is important to get help anywhere you can. If you are interested in the apprenticeship program, or working with Workforce Solutions, take control of your career today.

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