Organic Traffic Generation Strategies to Use

What is organic traffic generation?

Organic traffic refers to visitors to your site through unpaid search results and strategies. Organic traffic generation means you drive visitors through keywords and phrases that they search on their own. Or they see content you post on social media and click on a shared link to your site. Pushing out content regularly will increase followers on blogs and social media, which can drive these followers to your site. It can also increase your blog, site, or social media content’s relevancy.

Organic Traffic Generation can be boosted through inbound marketing strategies

Inbound Strategy Development

Crafting an inbound strategy is the best start for your business to gain new customers. According to HubSpot there are three applications of Inbound Methodology:

  1. Attract: to attract in those with great potential using content and conversations in order to establish trust. You can attract future customers by creating and publishing content on social media, blogs, etc. Keep in mind to optimize this content with an SEO strategy.
  2. Engage: engage those by presenting solutions and insights that align with their goals so that they are more likely to buy from you. Focus on how calls are handled with your leads and customers. Sell your solution, not your product. This allows you to address the customer’s goals and apprehension rather than trying to give them a product they may not feel comfortable with.
  3. Delight: delight them by providing support and help to empower your customers so that they may find their own purchase a successful choice. Delight strategies come in the form of surveys, chatbots, and feedback from customers. You can also use your social media channels by responding to comments or engage with your followers.
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It should be no surprise that you start off by attracting strangers through organic traffic generation methods such as inbound marketing and then slowly turn into prospects while they are engaged in learning more. If they purchase your products or services, they become your customers. And finally they can promote your product directly or indirectly after purchase, which in turn could potentially bring in more strangers who go through this same process.

Organic traffic generation benefits greatly from SEO.
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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes terms, phrase, and keywords from your content are ranks it into Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).The better optimized your content’s SEO, the higher you rank in visibility for relevant searches. Organic traffic generation can come from search results. If users see your site or content on a SERP, they can go in and click on your links that show up.

SEO has many working parts and it is not easy to learn in one sitting. This is something you can practice as you do. Google has their own starter guide to SEO and content management systems (CMS) like WordPress have plugins (such as Yoast SEO) available to analyze your SEO on the content you are creating. Following the suggestions based on the analysis should rank your site and pages higher in search results.

Keyword research is also crucial to picking phrases and keywords that will bump up your content and organic traffic generation. You can use Google’s Ad Keyword Planner to find out what popular keywords or phrases are being search at a given time. Or Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest can be used for a similar purpose, but you can see how competitive the use of these keywords may be and how likely you will be to rank using specific keywords.

Organic traffic generation is what you need and we can help you.
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Let Us Help You

Here at Light Wings Promotions, we want to help you increase your organic traffic generation so you can generate leads without paying so much out of pocket. Our Organic Traffic Generation services will help you develop your brand’s inbound strategy development, search engine optimization, blog post creation, and social media content creation. It’s that easy to boost your site’s reputation.

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