Q&A With Our Web and Publishing Intern

Alexia Lazcano, Web & Publishing Intern at Light Wings Promotions
Alexia Lazcano, Web & Publishing Intern at Light Wings Promotions

During the last week of her internship we wanted to catch up with our Web & Publishing Inter, Alexia Lazcano, and have her reflect with her time with LWP. It was a treat having her onboard the team,so I drafted a few questions and we got to asking.

Why were you originally interested in the internship?

Originally, I wanted to take on a more serious marketing-related role after having a poor internship prior to LWP. I wanted an internship where I felt like I was actually getting things done and learning skills that I had not had previously. When I saw the LWP listing on LinkedIn, I thought it to be a promising opportunity. I applied, not even sure if I would qualify because I did not know a lot about marketing going into the application process for this role. 

For me, marketing has been related to my interest in eSports (competitive gaming). I love video games and currently manage my school’s club teams. I thought that if I could gain marketing skills to branch beyond my school’s team that I would be able to continue this passion in a professional eSports setting.

What are your hopes for your career?

My main focus is actually Cyber Security and plan to go to graduate school for that, so I would ideally take on an analyst role soon. However, with marketing, I feel that this would fulfill that gamer side of me by participating in a fun field for professional esports teams. 

The esports marketing teams get to create content, merchandise, and promote teams that they love and I would like to have the opportunity, even if only part time. I would want to work for the Houston Outlaws’ Overwatch team, but I can settle for the Dallas Fuel. I think being able to help promote either of these Texas teams would be a big win for me.

How was it going to school during the Covid 19 Pandemic? That would seem pretty crazy.

For me I have benefitted from all of my online classes. Many of my courses are asynchronous, meaning I don’t have to attend a Zoom meeting, which I much prefer. Zoom meetings always make me feel awkward. I’d much rather attend something in person if my face has to be seen. 

My professors have been posting work to do for a week at a time and I have had no trouble knocking the bulk of it out at the beginning of the week. This gives me more time on the weekends. This also meant I had more time to work and look for internships, which is exactly what I’ve been doing ever since many things went remote. If my classes were still in person this entire time, I would not have had time to do everything I’m doing today.

I will say that I retain information better when I am in-person for a class. That has been the one downside to some of the more information heavy courses. I have been able to consecutively achieve Dean’s List though, so I do not think it is the biggest issue.

What did you learn during your internship?

In particular, I got the most comfortable writing for SEO. Prior to this internship, I did not know the importance of SEO and what exactly could benefit from writing for it. However, after writing blog posts, doing research for content, and constructing web pages, I have learned that SEO can benefit just about anything on the internet. 

One thing I enjoyed the most was using WordPress. I had never been able to use it before and for someone that has HTML and CSS knowledge, WordPress allows you to construct web pages and websites much faster and efficiently. I can still use CSS and HTML to further customize the experience of WordPress, but who doesn’t love templates for different aspects at any given time?

What are your next goals for your career?

My next goals are to gain Cyber Security certifications while still learning practical skill sets to ensure I have enjoyable jobs in the near future. I like the idea of being a well-rounded individual, which is why I took an interest in marketing. I enjoyed the link between marketing and esports, and this seemed viable with my current digital communication degree. As long as I get to work with technology and video games in some way, I will always be happy. Yet, as someone who loves to learn, I won’t stop looking up tutorials or gaining certifications in order to better myself.

I also plan to do something with my language learning. I have loved learning languages ever since I was young and I have picked it back up again thanks to my Russian courses and Japanese self-study. I know I can integrate these languages, in addition to my Spanish and French, into marketing and IT related roles. I plan to become fluent in all the languages mentioned and would love to tackle more.

Alexia has been a great intern and really exemplified the LWP spirit. We hope that the other interns that come on aboard can carry on her spirit and learn from the work that she had put into the company. Link up with her on LinkedIn.

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