Where to Learn Digital Marketing for Free in 2021

When it comes to both paid and unpaid tools, everything is at your fingertips. This new age of remote working allows both marketing professionals and those looking to get into the digital marketing scene to work while learning valuable skills. Tools change every day and these courses and resources can provide updated refreshers, even if you may already be familiar with them. However, today we will be showing you some free resources so that you can learn digital marketing for free.

Google Digital Garage

Google has their Google Digital Garage. The Digital Garage is a non-profit nationwide programme from Google delivering free digital skills training via an online learning platform. There are 32 FREE courses related to digital marketing and some of Google’s free courses include certification upon completion. The related courses under the Digital Marketing tag range from “Learn How to Create Google Search Campaigns” to “Use Digital Tools for Everyday Tasks.” Some of these courses are only an hour long and others are longer with multiple modules to learn the most you can about that topic for free.

Google Digital Garage provides digital marketing courses for free.
Photo from Google Digital Garage

eMarketing Institute

eMarketing Institute provides 10 FREE digital marketing courses. They give you different areas to learn from so that you can be a well-rounded individual when entering the digital marketing world. For each of these courses, you get a certificate upon completion. You will also gain a free ebook when going through their courses.

Screenshot 2021-02-22 101806
Photo from eMarketing Institute

HubSpot Academy

Next, there is HubSpot Academy. HubSpot is already known for their marketing services and software, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of their free courses? There are many courses available meant to both teach you new skills and refine skills you may already have. For example, you probably already know how to use excel but have you used it for your marketing data? HubSpot Academy can help you with this. Some courses have certifications available upon completion and other courses are meant to provide you with a little extra help. 

Learn from HubSpot Academy's free digital marketing courses.
Photo from HubSpot Academy

Neil Patel

Neil Patel has a fantastic website for those looking to get into digital marketing. Neil Patel is co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. He has free courses available with itineraries and other free resources available to download. These courses highlight very specific pieces of digital marketing that you can tackle. He even has informational blog posts about these topics, showing that there is always more to learn once you have the fundamentals.

Neil Patel has resources for you to learn digital marketing for free.
Photo from Neil Patel

Moz SEO Learning Center

Moz is known for their tools for SEO, inbound marketing, link building, and content marketing. Their Moz SEO Learning Center is primarily focused on providing learning resources for SEO, but has a few other courses for your digital marketing learning. If you need to understand SEO in a limited amount of time, they have a one-hour guide video available. Moz includes SEO case studies, whitepapers, guides, and reports in their resources page that is available for anyone to download.

The SEO specific topics are: Ranking & Visibility, On-Site SEO, Links & Link Building, Local SEO, Keywords & Keyword Research, Crawling & Site Audits. Other topics include: SEO Analytics & Reporting, Content Marketing, Social Media & Influencer Marketing, International SEO, and Mobile SEO.

Moz specializes in SEO for learning digital marketing.
Photo from Moz SEO Learning Center

DAN Institute

DAN Institute provides free resources for digital marketing learning. DAN Institute guides the global community of marketers to select trusted online digital marketing courses and find up-to-date digital marketing resources such as a glossary of digital marketing terms, researches, prestigious podcasts, webinars, guidelines, ebooks and more. This includes free webinars, templates, white papers, and research. Within each of the categories listed on their site, there are many links that you can gather from internally, but DAN Institute also provides other site’s resources they have rounded up into their lists as well. Much easier for you to access when it’s all categorized into one place.

Dan Institute provides many different resources for free digital marketing learning.
Photo from Dan Institute


Copyblogger does not have courses, but instead provides 16 ebooks and a 20-installment email course that teaches about digital marketing. These are all free and Copyblogger has a running blog that can supplement your digital marketing learning. You are bound to learn from their company knowing that they build their company on content marketing.

Get free ebooks from Copyblogger and get motivated through their email course for free digital marketing learning.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

PPC University

WordStream’s PPC University focuses on pay-per-click marketing, but this is essential to your digital marketing learning. They have basic courses available, covering things from keywords to conversion tracking, and advanced courses such as PPC for Lead Generation. Available in their learning page are specific courses for social ads as well. They offer free webinars and white papers covering PPC topics and tools that can help you analyze your PPC performance.

WordStream's free digital marketing resources focuses on Pay-Per-Click marketing.
Photo from WordStream PPC University

YouTube Creator Academy

If you want to look into content marketing, think about growing a presence on YouTube. YouTube itself provides free courses so that creators can better market their content and channel. The YouTube Creator Academy courses cover the basics of YouTube, their policies, production, optimization, content strategy, and how to make money from your YouTube videos. Content marketing is sure to improve your digital marketing learning.

Screenshot 2021-02-22 103528
Photo from YouTube Creator Academy

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook for Business offers Facebook Blueprint for free so that you can build your marketing skills specifically for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Popular social media sites Facebook and Instagram in particular house many users and being able to market yourself through content and advertisements is sure to bring attention to your brand and begin to build relationships thanks to all the cross-platform and built in features of the Facebook brand. This is essential for digital marketing learning.

Screenshot 2021-02-22 103501
Photo from Facebook Blueprint

Shopify Partner Academy

Shopify provides free courses for your Ecommerce marketing needs through the Shopify Partner Academy. Though these courses are specific to Shopify’s platform, the ecommerce skills you learn can translate to other aspects of your digital marketing learning and career. The courses can teach you about UX or app development, which can definitely be handy outside of shopify.

Shopify fills in the ecommerce area of your digital marketing learning.
Photo from Shopify Partner Academy

With that, you have some idea of where to start depending on your personal needs. Maybe you want to learn everything or maybe you want to get specific, these free resources provide you with a strong foundation that can be built upon through practice and maybe more courses. Tools and sites change and improve every day, so you can always take advantage of these free resources for your digital marketing learning.

Of course, you can also check out our blog for some more tips and resources that we have found for you.

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