Why Use Paid Lead Generation?

Lead generation is imperative to gaining potential customers. There are many different strategies and tools out there that can help you seamlessly and easily gain more leads and learn how to qualify and approach them. Paid lead generation is an easy place to start if you’re trying to grow your business. Here’s why…

Paid Lead Generation is important for any business
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What is Lead Generation?

First, we need to talk about leads. A lead is a potential customer. They usually express interest in the brand first. This could be an email subscription, a trial, or some sort of offer. Their expressed interest opens up communication between the brand and the lead. Leads can be qualified as different types. This can help a brand differentiate those that are more interested, how the lead came around, or what kind of interest they have.

Lead generation can happen both organically and paid, we’ll be focusing on the paid strategies. Paid lead generation is likely to get the ball rolling for your business faster at the start. The ways to conduct paid lead generation are placing ads on social media (Facebook Advertising for example), using PPC (Pay-Per-Click), or B2B (Business-to-Business) Lead Generation.

Ads can drive traffic, paid traffic, to your website in order for potential leads to access sign up forms and services. These ads can also fall under PPC. Another way to generate leads is by joining affiliate networks. This essentially works as a pay-per-lead, where an affiliate promotes a brand’s services or website and they get paid for the visitors. 

Inbound Marketing forms connections
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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Basics

A Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a paid lead generation strategy. Advertisers will pay whenever their advertisement is clicked. Essentially, you are paying for traffic through these clicks on your ads. This can take the form of ad spots on a SERP or advertisements placed on different sites and social media. 

You see ad spots on SERP all the time. When you Google something you want to look up, there are sometimes marked “Ad” results. These ads are a result of keyword auctions. The positioning in this ad spot is based on bid amount and the quality of the ad. This is a great way to have your website appear on the top of the results for a SERP, instead of struggling with organic traffic.

Keywords are the focus of PPC, this is what work in order to match the queries of users. Advertisements are also important to nail in order to take advantage of the ad spot on a SERP. Google Ads and Microsoft Ads have a feature called ad extensions that can help enhance your ads. 

PPC or Pay Per Click can help you gain business
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Use of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing draws visitors and potential customers in rather than pushing your brand or services directly. Rather than cold calling at odd hours of the day to gain a lead, inbound marketing is a way to bring the visitor in on their own accord. This is great for lead generation because it provides you with more willing customers. 

Ways to conduct inbound marketing are making use of SEO, creating PPC ad campaigns, providing free resources like ebooks and white papers, creating content marketing, influencer marketing, and staying active on social media. Some of these have organic lead generation aspects in them, but using these strategies in combination with paid lead generation will give you better results and sales over time. 

According to Content Marketing Institute, inbound marketing generates three times more leads per dollar than other methods. Groove Digital Marketing reports that 40% of brands that use of marketing automation software see ROI within six months, compared to 75% that see ROI after one year. 

Your goal is to make your content and ads attractive in order to draw in these leads without bothering them too much in their regular lives.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is important for any business
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Why CRM Integration Helps

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and this is crucial to communicating with costumers and also streamlining your brand. CRM software is available through companies like HubSpot. These integrations can be a part of your emails, calendars, social media, team communication, forms and data collection, ecommerce, live chat, events, video, and much more. 

This improves your overall management performance because it allows you to have most of your tools and communication all in one place. You can use the software you want to use and integrate it with CRM tools. For example, lead generation could be integrated into WordPress using web forms. You would not need to manually type this into your own site if it is all synced up through a CRM tool. 

Let Us Help You

Here at Light Wings Promotions, we want to help you increase your lead generation so you can get your business moving. Our Paid Lead Generation services will help you with PPC, inbound marketing, CRM integration, and strategies for you to have successful leads. 

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